Car Rental in Washington D.C.

Discover the American capital by car. Renting a vehicle is cheap, convenient and quick. We have put together a few guidelines for car rental in Washington D.C.

Renting a car is a good way of getting to know Washington D.C. A normal drivers license and these simple rules for renting a car in America will make sure, that you make the most of your stay in Americas capital.

Most of the international car-rental agencies have offices in the US and in Washington DC. Comparison of prices helps to decide, which of the agencies to choose. Keep in mind that a rental car in the USA normally comes with automatic transmission. Standard transmission cars are very uncommon. If you travel with children under the age of two, children restraint seats are needed in the car for safety reasons.

Driver’s license is obligatory for car rental in Washington D. C.

In the US, an international driver’s license is generally not required. All you need is a valid license certificated in your home country. Nevertheless, it is helpful to carry a translation of the document along with you. Most American driver’s licenses have a validation limited to a certain period of time. Some rental agencies only rent cars to people who are at least at the age of 25. Some do not lend cars to people who are older than 71 years.

Changing prices

Prices often change due to special promotions and deals. By comparing prices and agencies you can save a lot of money. Car rental agencies always offer collision damage waiver insurance. Yet, these insurances are very expensive. Be sure to look whether your existing car insurance of your personal car at home covers driving in the US.

Huge distances and no sidewalks

If you do not want to be seen as a tourist, it is important to rent a car in the US. American People drive everywhere and you may be considered suspicious if you are walking around areas besides the city center or the main tourist places by foot. In addition to the fact that a considerable amount of streets across the country do not even have pedestrian sidewalks, the distances in between parts of one city can be huge.

It is a safe, cheap and fun way to discover the capital of the United States of America by car. If you follow these easy rules for car rental you will enjoy your stay in Washington D.C even more.