Museums in Washington D. C.

Washington D.C. offers a great variety of museums. The famous Smithsonian Institution has 9 of its museums and most of its facilities there.

Among the Smithsonian museums is the Hirshhorn Museum. The museum was originally the permanent place for the collection of Joseph H. Hirshhorn. The Collection includes remarkable artists as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. Outside the museum is a large sculpture garden.

Museums in Washington D. C. – Smithsonian and more

The National Air and Space Museum contains the largest collection of air- and spacecrafts in the world. It is also a center for science of aviation.

Almost all displayed aircrafts are originals. The National Museum of the American Indian is dedicated to the native peoples of America. It was built in 1989 and contains parts of their history, language and arts.

The National Gallery of Art is located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The entry is free of charge. The museum was established in 1937 by a joint resolution of the United States Congress, with funds for construction and a donated art collection.

The Gallery displays Art from the Middle Ages to the present. The collection includes paintings, drawings, prints and decorative arts including a painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

The original neoclassical West Building is linked to the modern East Building underground. Often, there are represented special exhibitions.

The National Museum of Women in the Arts is the only museum dedicated to women’s achievements in the visual and literary arts. It was was incorporated in 1981 by Wallace and Wilhelmina Holladay. The museum has acquired more than 3,500 paintings.